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1. "Samson will come here” —aria of Delilah from the opera “Samson and Delilah”—Saint Saens
2. "My Heart at Thy sweet Voice”—aria of Delilah from the same opera
3. Habanera from the opera “Carmen” (Bizet)
4. Scene with cards from the same opera.
5. Song of Marfa from the opera “Hovanshtina" (Mousorgski)
6. Scene with the letters from the opera “Verter" (Massenet) .
7. Final rondo from the opera “Cinderella” (Rossini)
8. Second part from cantata “Lenin” (Mus. D. Sagaev, t. P. Matev)
9. “Maiden’s complaint” (m. G. Zl. Cherkin, t. N. Lankov)
Accompanied by orchestra SOBRT and BHK “Sv. Obretenov”. Conductor Vasil Stefanov